Principles, membership and Volunteers

Our principles are more of culture, tradition, heritage, humanitarian services organization and socially minded. “Ile ni ati nko eso re ode” Charity begins at home.

Membership and Volunteers are integral part of our organization. Without their help, we would not function. We cannot embark on projects without members and volunteers. We need your support.

Please, find time to volunteer to help advocate in promotion of the richest culture in the world, Yoruba culture and furthermore, help save a soul that is less privileged than you.

We need volunteers for:

1. Help with general membership drive.

2. Help in general areas of organization.

3. Help with general supply drives; during any act of God, school supplies, food drive for the hungry and needy.

4. Help with student and cultural exchange programs.

5. Help with accident victims and in general disaster areas.

6. Assist in day-to-day office work with the administrative.

7. Help with senior citizens needs and many more.