Karo-Ojire Omo Oodua Foundation PHILOSOPHY

KOOOF is an institution established by people with enthusiasm and passion for the propagation, preservation and promotion of Yoruba tangible and intangible cultural heritage globally. It is a dynamic Foundation with the aim to place Yoruba people and their culture on their rightful position on the world map.

The Foundation intends to correct the derogatory and negative appellations against Yoruba people and their ways of life by foreign scholars, foreign culture and our own blood at home and abroad who are acculturated by foreign influences.  It intends to correct the damages pragmatically through research, publication, documentary and practical demonstration of ways of living via language, administration and socialization with people who come in contact with us and those who read or study about us. These can be achieved through music, performing arts, exhibitions, and religion in which morality guides our peaceful coexistence with other people as well as determines our identity.

The Foundation is open to all Yoruba speaking people with different backgrounds and faculties, what matters to the Foundation which is the basis of membership is a passion for the course of the preservation, propagation and promotion of Yoruba philosophy. It is a research institution, a reservoir of Yoruba philosophy, ideology, sociology, science and religion. It has as its foundation members; academia, administrators or politicians, royalty, legal luminaries, philosophers, and educators, the Living Human Treasures or Legends in various domains of both material and immaterial cultures. It is a Library of traditions and an encyclopedia of the totality of Yoruba ways of life including their achievements and their aspirations. It is a Hall of Fame that recognizes and honours those who have contributed to the sustainability of Yoruba culture as a way to immortalise them and encourage the present and future generations to do better.

Such a Foundation should be an edifice of appreciation, a symbol of what it stands for, a symbol of preservation that is presentable to the entire world, a Centre of knowledge and acquisition on Yoruba worldview as well as physical materials. It has competent and committed administrators and staff who can serve as an epitome of Yoruba identity. It is a place for all and a place that should have branches in the Diaspora where Yoruba culture is being studied, practised and preserved.

The Centre will be promoting the use of Yoruba language in schools, based on the above and other things required of an institution of its nomenclature, the following movable and immovable materials will be required in order to achieve objectives of the Foundation. Furthermore, based on the fact that it is a None Governmental Organisation, the Foundation requires the constant support of every Yoruba at home and abroad, Corporate Organisations, international organisations and friends and admirers of Yoruba culture to support us in kind and cash