The illustrious Sons & Daughters of Oduduwa

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Oloye Michael Ade Ojo was born on June 14, 1938, in llara-Mokin, Ondo State. His father was Chief Solomon Ojo and his mother was Mrs Beatice Ademolawe Ojo. Chief Ade Ojo attended St. Michael’s Anglican school, llara-Mokin, Ondo State, Nigeria in (1944-1950). He later attended lmade college, Owo, Ondo State in (1954-1958). He proceeded to the University of Nigeria, Nsuka (UNN) in 1961, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Business Administration in 1965.

Papa is a lover of humanity and a Yoruba cultural enthusiast; hence, he displays the cultural Art of Oodua head on the roof of his Elizade Motors Corporation Lagos. He is also a philanthropist to the core. Oloye Ade Ojo is the founder of Elizade University llara-Mokin, Ondo State and Elizade Motors. The esteemed motor institution that he established in 1997 now has several subsidiaries including Toyota Nigeria Ltd, Mike Ade investment Co. Limited, Mike ade Property Dev. Co, Ltd, Oodua Creations Ltd, among others.

The man, Chief Ade Ojo has become a colossus in the business of Nigeria motor industry. He single-handedly turned Toyota vehicles into a household name in Nigeria. Papa has challenged his son, Mr Demola Ojo in pushing a new baby of the company, the JAC to make the Chinese brand another household name among automobile lovers in Nigeria. Amongst Papa’s notable quotes are, “ There is still much for Toyota to achieve in Nigeria.” He furthermore said, “We want to continue to be the number one auto companies in Nigeria and make the JAC brand to become the number two even overtake Toyota. I want to see a healthy rivalry between the two automobile brands that are connected to me in Nigeria.”
Chief Ade Ojo is a maestro in community development. He is gradually transforming his native town, llara-Mokin from a village to an economically vibrant town. Papa is a highly resourceful entrepreneur.
Oloye Ade Ojo is a fellow, academy for Entrepreneurial Studies (F. AES) by Ausbeth (2001). Fellow of Lagos State Polytechnic, lkorodu, Lagos, 2009. Papa has received numerous awards. His prayers to key Success; honesty, hard work and diligence.
Chief Ade Ojo’s contributions to humanitarian services know no Boundary. He just does not know where to stop and when to say enough is enough. The only thing he is aware of is when he commenced his donations to the services of humanity in cash and kind. Chief Ade Ojo has donated different types of vehicles in excess of billions of Naira to various Nigeria foundations and organizations. He has also donated funds in billions of Naira to individuals, scholarship and beauty pageant programs and many more. His most recent gigantic humanity compassion is the construction of six-kilometre roads in llara-Mokin near Akure, Ondo State in the year 2019. This project was in excess of 5-6 billion Naira; a source of jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers, and professionals who were involved in the project. This is quite remarkable for an individual who embarked on infrastructural development that contributes meaningfully to speedy actualization of community growth and enhancement of the citizens’ growth.