Humanitarian support to a fatal accident victim

Mr. Joseph Banjo.

On this dreaded day of 30-12-18 around 7:30 a.m., a strange call came in and alas, the caller horrifically asked for Asiwaju or Omokehinde with a quivering voice, “A fatal accident has occurred here.” Omokehinde asked with trepidation, who? Where? , when? And how ? Mean while, my husband’s heart has been pounding, wondering who the victim could have been. Alas! The victim was Mr. Joseph Banjo, a family friend and a retired teacher of Mayflower Junior School, Ikenne, Ogun State.

The fatal accident occurred in Erunwon, close to ljebu-Ode. A young man myopically got hold of his father’s jeep key, drove on top speed along Ijebu-Ode/Erunwon expressway and ran into Mr. Banjo and Okada rider on high-speed impact. After running into them, he further on totaled electric pole that belonged to PHCN (AKA NEPA) beyond recognition.

The severity of this horrendous crash made Mr. Banjo to sustain double fractures in his left upper leg, internal fracture of his right hip bone, ruptured bladder, internal bleeding in his chest and his scrotum. His scrotum began to swell immediately. Before Asiwaju Olu Mayungbe and l, could get to the scene of the accident, Mr. Banjo had been moved from the scene to a traditional bone setter in llefon (a very small village) close to llese near ljebu-Ode.

Upon our arrival to the bone setter facility, both Messer’s Banjo and Okada rider were groaning for their lives hopelessly. They were locked up without hope in a very small room with unaccommodating ventilation while the so called bone setter was in his uncompleted Church building giving sermon to his congregation. He left them unattended in the hands of a careless quack nurse.

Both accident victims were administered drip in unprofessional ways. The quack orthopedic doctor had no remorse when we questioned his unprofessional approach to the victims.
Having witnessed Mr. Banjo’s pathetic situation, we visited the accident scene and proceeded to the nearest police station for a proper official report. Upon getting to the station, the police had already been involved but yet to go to the bone setter facility.

Without further delay, we met with Mr. Banjo’s children, got their approvals to move him to Babcock University Teaching Hospital in llisan, Remo. Luckily for us, we contacted the hospital and requested for an ambulance. As fate might have it, the ambulance driver arrived in 30minutes to convey him to their facility.

Thanks to Dr. John Sotusa of BUTH, he assured us and allayed all fears and anxieties for his chances to make it. With almighty Creator on our side, on 31st of December, 2018, Mr. Banjo was wheeled into the theatre for a major surgery. After several hours of surgery, he was pronounced dead. Thanks to the medical team, they didn’t give up on Mr. Banjo. They rushed him to the Intensive care unit where he was put to the life support machine.

Alas! , to God be the glory, the medical team brought him to life, he opened his eyes on January 1st, 2019. What a miracle? He furthermore spent four days in the ICU and was transferred to the male surgical ward.


Since the day of the accident up until the day Mr. Banjo was released from the hospital, Asiwaju Olu Mayungbe and Omokehinde Mayungbe of Karo-Ojire Omo Oodua Foundation raised about 95% of his medical bills and were responsible for 70% of his daily visitations. Our Vice Chairman, Mrs. Omolabake Bakare (AKA, Iya Obama) from Houston, Texas, USA helped us with Mr. Desoye of 102.3 FM, Ibadan who broadcasted the accident to help us seek financial help from Nigerians.

Our profound thank you and unflinching appreciation go to EX-MAYS (Mayflower Junior/Senior schools) Out of the 95% funds that KOOOF raised for Mr. Banjo, 80% came from them.

Dr. John Sotusa of Babcock University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) Dr. Yusuf of Babcock University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) Mr. Dupe Iwaehin Mr. Akinduro Otunba Ademola Afolabi Mrs. Bunmi Ajulo Mrs. Omolabake Bakare Mr. Desoye of 102.3 FM, Ibadan Those who came to donate blood from Ita Oyila, lkenne.
Thank you all for saving a life.

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