About Foundation

Karo-Ojire Omo Oodua Foundation is an organization that is founded on the belief that the Yoruba culture, language, tradition and heritage should strive-
• To increase Yoruba role in relations to social, value-system, agricultural revolution and economic responsibilities for special life time opportunities.
To educate youths on how to leap in education, good character, innovation and infrastructure by creating a universe apart in the future.
• To rejuvenate Yoruba doctrine of law, co-habitation, drum beating, and arts and crafts.
• To establish ‘Karo-Ojire Omo Oodua Academic Scholarship Award’ annually, and create environments that will enable youths to aspire in any project that their hearts desire be it in Mars, Moon, or any scientific innovations changing the next frontiers in science and innovations.

Yoruba as a people can no longer continue to glorify developed national paralysis that is driven by waiting for the governments of nations or some human beings to do things for them where there is no hope or future. The beauty of KOOOF vision and mission statements are that we don’t have to win, convince the governments of nations to do what we think are right for us. We can simply move people forward, doing what we know is best for humanity.

With massive economic revolution through poverty alleviation measures, we can free communities from economic bondage and set people free of financial woes. The center piece of our organization activities will be a pledge to involve people and students/ youths many of who had and may be having difficult times to have jobs after finishing their formal training in their various fields of endeavors.

The overall unemployment rate worldwide is immeasurable. KOOOF will demonstrate a tremendous opportunity to leverage operational skills that today professionals will bring to uplift KOOOF prioritize innovations and science services. KOOOF believes youths with basic and advance education should not have to fight for employment ones they are through with their academic training. KOOOF will set a ground breaking example for the private sector or the government to follow globally. “In other to attain to the goals of economic freedom and prosperity, Nigeria must do certain things as a matter of urgency and priority. It must provide free education (at all levels) and free health facilities for the masses of its citizens.” –The late Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

KOOOF empowerment program in which every member and volunteers would render their time to grow will help communities with general supply drives: during any act of God, school supplies, food drive for the hungry and needy. The founder’s vision is to orientate mental attitude of people for distinction and empower low-income people with mentoring.

Efforts of this foundation shall not be limited in scope and mode of operations. “ KOOOF will try its utmost best in helping people of the world on how to realize the importance of love, unity, uprightness, patriotism and humanity, thus doing its part in helping human beings to shift from path of self destructions.”

Furthermore, this organization will educate people on growing science and ICT hubs. It will establish record breaking technological/ innovative strides that many hearts will sink to desire.

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